Le Chronique

by The Crymuscles

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This is a myth of the California soil, slang and smoke. Originally a collaboration with the Crymuscles (Angeline Saris, Brian Wilkerson, Jon Rogers, Chris Detrick, Paulo Presotto, Chris Peck), with each member offering a song. What you find here is Peck's tunes from this record, minus the french lady narrator. The full-length version is also free at www.lechronique.net


released May 1, 2009

recorded at ex'pression college for digital arts
tiny telephone
hyde st studio c
renegade studios, san rafael



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ancient Baby / PECK San Rafael, California

PECK the town crier makes SONG RAP. His jams have been featured on MTV.com, Current TV, and WallStreetJournal.com

On 3/28/12, he released his double ep:
"Home Phone/Ghost of Payphone" on vinyl & in download form.

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Track Name: Le Chronique Pt.1
oui, c'est vrai
ca c'est le chronique.

(yes, that's right. this is the chronic. (or chronicle))
Track Name: Star Sign
Out from my mother’s legs on a hot summer day
Came a creature or machine built to work a certain way
Where I drive, what I eat, who I want to meet
The heart has a reason but the reason can’t speak

My gene pool, my star sign, my nature, my skeleton size
It’s all miiine, you can’t hate me for my de-siiiign
Upset yourself gettin upset with me

If you love me,
Set me free he he heeee
Woah yay ee yay hey hey hey
Oh Set me free he he heee
Woah yay ee yay hey hey hey

Just set me down, don’t obsess when I’m around
It ain’t about your inches and it ain’t about your pounds
If I was a tree would ya ix-pect me
To be a good man, jump into an industry?
Nah, you’d breath me in, chop me down, climb me up or go around
Rank me in your phylum, tell the world what you found

You’re so looooud
And you’re moving from town to towwnn
Always eating always hungry
If you love me
Set me free
Track Name: Gitcha Groundation On
yes i best i can
the thought to end all the thoughts the plan to end all plans
yes i use my hands
to get more done than a robot can, overstand
robots they can't dream
can't believe in what they can't see
can't meditate because they can't breathe
so wipe that table clean
i need a new scene

gitcha groundation on
sing a do re mi fa simple song
git off the rat race that you're trippin on
best calm down or you won't live long

close your eyes so you can see straight
color blind rainbow in a figure eight lemme elevate
light shine bright pupil dialate
your free will can't change my fate
i can't fly away so i'm holdin it down
can't live in the clouds
so i'm livin on the ground
we're dealin with the same sight smell and sound
we got that in common man
gimme a pound
Track Name: The Birds Up There
I am hanging by two arms
from the edge of a building
but it won't be too long
before I make some friends with the birds up there

mid day sun above my head
sparkles on the side walk
and the people down below
they're lookin' like the worker ants they are

feet tap in rhythm
swingin arms and legs
men and women
going someplace
Track Name: The Crymuscles feat. MC Lars - Nature's Mysteries
Nature’s mysteries can not be contained
Might sound simple, but I’ll say it again

I see a rock at the top of a hill,
Looks like it might be a nice place to chill
Git there, find that they’ve painted a sign “not to climb”
Y’know what that means to me?

Punk marin kid, get off my land
Release the hounds, that’s my plan
Here is something you can’t understand
Field’s mine, read the sign, I’m a wealthy man

You’ll Build on the top of my favorite hills
Take to the lake, turn it into a landfill
With 99 houses, and 99 yards,
I might gather up 99 sig-na-chars

Honestly, you astonish me, I admonish thee
Peck with a picket, why’d you pick me?
Locke made laws about stuff like this
Liberty, Property, (kid) Check the List

Sorry sir, if that’s how you feel
I don’t steal, I walk fields and keep it real

Real annoying, you’re enjoying
All the fruits of my labor

You’re like Darth Vader with a verbal light saber

Nice one kid, you make me laugh

Can I hang for a minute then, and puff my stash?

Remind me how it goes , is it puff puff pass?

Yeah sum’n like that, lemme take you back

Wow, been a minute since I felt like this

Drains the brain fills the veins with mist

Let us take a walk to the rock have a sit

A change of perspective with just one hit

I'm climb, I'm fine, my minds design
In time unwind my mangled spine
This earth, this place, these rules this pain
Never wanna climb through these locks again

So far so fine bring a pad write lines
not a list but a rhyme blue sky clear mind

Rewind to genesis big bang scene one?

I like how you're talkin

Talkin heavy like a ton

Forgive me this trespass, thanks for the hang

Don't stress feel free to hop the fence again
Some mysteries just can't be contained
It might sound simple but I'll say it again

Nature's Mysteries cannot be contained,
Might sound simple but I'll say it again
Track Name: Shine
Speak to me
as you'd have me speak to you
i don't know how to love you
askin you to teach me to

there will come a time
i'll be yours and you'll be mine
open up your heart
darlin let your love light shine

simple things
that i've never done before
open me
you know what i'm waiting for

there will come a time
i'll be yours and you'll be mine
open up your heart
darlin let your love light shine
Track Name: You're Gonna Like Me
You’re gonna like me , girl don’t fight me

Once, I used to hide my true feelings
Like a red hot poker layin under my tongue

Blind to the signs they coulda shown me
Talking bout the reasons why it couldn’t be done
Stronger than a drum, my heart was deaf blind and dumb
There was a song to be sung, but the harp wasn’t strung

Oh, But like a brick through glass
Broke it down, got me open, cuttin deep like an axe
How could it be, that I was so cold?
Deep inside frozen was a heart made of gold

Once you got me goin there ain’t no goin’ back
I don’t know how to ask let me tell you where it’s at

You’re gonna like me , girl don’t fight me
Once we get to talkin bout the way that we feel
Never no pretendin cause we’re keeping it real

Now that you know just how I’m feelin
Bring your lovin here and don’t chu hold it too tight
Staring up together at the ceilin
Knock each other down, feelin way outta sight

Girl we struck a match, and now I’m burnin inside
We can find a way to burn it all through the night

You’re gonna like me , girl don’t fight me

Once we get to talkin bout the way that we feel
Never no pretendin cause we’re keeping it real

You’re gonna like me, you’re the only one excites me
Time we do the things that come from deep in the heart
Never no regrets, do it right from the start
Right from the start
Track Name: Le Chronique Pt.2
ou est le chronique?
donnez moi le chronique