Groundhog's Day

by Peck the Town Crier

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This is my rappin'-est record. Also possibly the cleanest, just sayin'.


released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Ancient Baby / PECK San Rafael, California

PECK the town crier makes SONG RAP. His jams have been featured on, Current TV, and

On 3/28/12, he released his double ep:
"Home Phone/Ghost of Payphone" on vinyl & in download form.

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Track Name: Underwear
i can see your underwear , i can see what’s under there, i can see the shape of your booty
i can see your underwear, i can see what’s under there, i can see the shape of your booty,
i can see from here you’re a cutie

whether round and brown, or white and tight
i like to slap the booties all through the night
i think about’m when I’m on the microphone
i think about’m when I’m home alone on the telephone
so let it be known: just like a dog digs a t-bone,
i’m in the zone on your dutch double dome!
i’ll wax poems for ya, alone for ya
wake up and boil tea and bake scones for ya
i’ll defend your rear end from other gentlemen,
girl, let me see your underwear, don’t pretend!

i can see your underwear…

what makes a cutie cute is a ripe bootie boot
make ya olla hootie-hoo and spend your last loot
ya know ya want want ‘em
ya ain’t got got ‘em
you’re talkin’ the talk upon ‘em like gomorrah and sodom
but bro, walk away, an listen what the mac buddha say
and they’ll love ya at the end of the day:
it ain’t about the words you say
about the games you play
or even about the freestyle verbs you spray
it’s all about what’s under there
soon as you don’t care is when you get that underwear
so don’t choose a cutie, let a cutie choose you!
You’ll be poppin bubble booties like it ain’t no thing, dude

i can see your underwear…

get it, got it, shoppers bought it
doo-hah, doo-hah, seek it and spot it
chumps ain’t got it
the monks don’t want it
models worked it off, chess queens done pawned it
drunks, they love it
flat booty people covet it
massage therapists rub at it
the t.v. sells it the plumber he smells it
thespians cover it in tights made a velvet
good friends, what the heck we talkin’ about?
rear-end bubble booties walkin’ around!
greg scott’s peepin’ it, he likes what he’s found
if you ain’t down with medusa pound, youza clown!

yeah, cuz all men love it the same, an it ain’t no shame
adam’s apple, eve, and the snake, thay ain’t to blame
natural selection se-lects you
if you can reel in a bone or stack chips. please choose!

i can see your underwear…
Track Name: Coffee
coffee, muthafuckin coffee (muthafuckin coffee)
coffee, muthafuckin coffee (muthafuckin coffee)

it turns my world around
keeps me from sinkin down
it turns from black to brown
when i add a little cream its a whole new scene

10 years old, actin' out in class
teachers got worried that i think to fast
attention span spread around too thin
a couple wise people knew i didn't fit in

A D D was the case that they gave me
sent me to a doc, told me better behave me self
pulled an rx off the shelf
ritalin, all up in my veins
disciplined my brain
put an end to the shame
what used to be a pain in the ass became a game
simple and plain, like a crutch or a cane
made a candy, came in handy, in understanding the lesson plan, and that's all good, man

uppers, muthafuckin uppers
straight up and down
uppers, muthafuckin uppers

now a little bit a ritalin treated me fine
around the same time, i learned bud ain't kind
man, it mixed me up like a cocktail
made me lock my keys in my car, sub par
i dont smoke buddha, i can't stand sess
no offense if ya smoke ja herb, god bless

fishin, i only smoke weed when i'm fishin
fishin, muthafuckin fishin

now i wanna talk a bit about liquid
by far the best one is cloud juice
but if ya need a little kick i gotta secret:
a little brown bean you can freak with/

to the uninitiated, it comes on strong
it'll kill the fat lady who's singin a song
y'take a lil sip and it lasts mad long
you'll be flappin' ya lips just like a ringin' a gong
cuz you're talkin-a-under the influence utha beeean
and when i add a little cream its a whole new scene/

muthafuckin coffee (muthafuckin coffee)
muthafuckin coffee (muthafuckin coffee)

it turns my world around
keeps me from sinkin down
it turns from black to brown
when i add a little cream it’s a whole new scene

pick me up and never let me down
pick me up before i touch the ground
Track Name: Speakers

move and move
back and forth

well I step on the braaakes
when I go too faaast
when I go too slow
I step on the gas

Play sum’n funky and turn it up loud
Mics move speakers and speakers move crowds
We do it to ya in your ear holes, that’s how
We did it back then and we got the force again
Track Name: Jump For Joy
i wake up in the morning and i jump for joy
it’s a brand new day and i’m a baby boy
with my mind on my body and my body on my mind,
every thing’s gonna work out fine!

livin in this big mashed-up mix, they got heads like bricks and it’s hard to fix
but I wake up in the morning and I count my lucky stars,
cuz I know where the angels are
you can find ‘em at the bus stop, lock-pop dance spots,
maybe time to time in the dungeons of hip-hop
drones and clones forgot about their skins and bones
forgot their souls and the heavenly home
so I heavily hone the blades of truth
bless tracks up in the vocal booth

you wake up in the morning and you jump for joy
it’s a brand new day and you’re a baby boy
loose as a goose is the name of the game
and everything’s gonna work out fine

so next time you see me, slap me some skin
i’m deep in a struggle and I’m dying to win
and i’m dying to be strong, my insides are like a see-saw
between the funny queer and funny hee-haw
can you viva in this backwards beat box?
take me back to be-bop where the head is the hop

and wake up in the morning and you give it a whirl
it’s a brand new day and you’re a baby girl
with your mind on your body and your body on your mind
everything gotta work out fine

at burning man, in the winter of our disco tent,
danced our heads straight in a world so bent
only to come home after ten days of visions,
and find they’ve built a gas pump with a television!
When will the groundhog finally see his shadow again,
step to the news crew, sayin to them
“listen here! I wanna go on larry king live, share the underground knowledge of my groundhog tribe
my kind is who you picked to predict the future,
whatcha gon do when the prophecy doesn’t suit ya?
tellin the truth, chippin yr sweet tooth, bringin the weather report from the vocal booth

and i could cry me a river, cause i’m so surprised
everything gotta work, everything gotta work, everything gotta work out fine
Track Name: the Widow & the Wasp

it all started with a peck on the cheek
and then she rendered me unable to speak
the blacker the widow the thicker the weave of the web
i’m talkin so literal, best believe what i said
she spread me out on her bed
she said she wanted me dead
but for an appetizer, scraped the skin off my head!

yeah, you best believe I was a bad bumble bee
no rumble in the jungle could humble or tumble me
oh, but it’s a tangled web we weave,
when we seek to deceive
woe is me, the widow put me to sleep (that’s deep)

first thing I caught was the tip of my feet
the more I fought, the more it stuck to me
the harder the struggle the tighter the rap around me
for her the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory
none the less, i was impressed how she kept a cool head
and sunk a poison tooth into the back of my neck!

yeah, you best believe…

my pulse slowed and i wiggled my toes
she wrapped my body up like a burrito (damb bro!)
the slower she moved the sooner i wanted to die
wished I was a fly so i could close all those eyes

but before she claimed her prize, i looked to the side
saw a nature channel camera man catch my demise!

yeah, you best believe…
Track Name: Breath Control

tip of the tongue breath control
difficult to be bought and sold
over the tongue into ya lungs, feel it down in your shoe souls

over the tongue into your lungs into your blood stream
no need to stress take it in your chest and get your blood clean

love that breath, love it fresh
need no more, need no less

the ins and the outs and the ins and the outs of the breath
the outs and the ins and the outs and the ins of the breath

the ins and the outs and the ins and the outs of the breath
the outs and the ins and the outs and the ins of the breath

cause you can live weeks without food
days without water
seconds without breath seconds without breath
Track Name: Old Man Still Got It
old man still got it
still got it
old man still got it
still good still got it

i been ill
since before the kama sutra
im about to speak, git the tape cued up

before i had hearing aids
and a bad hip
i used to run a gas station for my grip

still good,
still got it
wind broke my back man
gramps nearly bought it

still got it
still good
done with regrettin
i did what i should

shoulda bin a dead man long time ago
but it wasnt in the script
so i lived some mo

it aint about flippin, aint about fun
s'about the word of mouth, passed from father to sun
y'ask whos my daddy, i'm a sun of a gon
i was there, man when the first phonograph spun
it weighed a ton, the speaker was a horn
drive in reverse to the year i was born

1923, date escapes me
played swing with my brothers
the youngest of three
played the traps in the band, young G, ornery
dad was a preacher, sometimes he cornered me

i caught a whippin when i got outta line
but i got away with it most of the time
but like i always say, crime don't pay
sometimes the best you do is keep the wolves at bay

some days i thought about my angel and i cried
everyday i prayed to jesus up in paradise
crime dont pay, prayin paid off
imagine if you went to heaven and the gate was locked

no sir, i aint goin out like that
spirit over matter, thats a matter of fact
hell could never be made for me
so im gonna search search until i'm free

yesterdays a memory
tried to let go
good times remind me of the earth below
my kids and my kids kids continue to grow
this aint no rehearsal the show is the show
still got it
Track Name: Ill Omens
what is to be done with a loaded gun, when the full pale moon reflects the sun?
everybody knows it’s gonna blast in the final act, before they draw the curtain and the screen goes black
why is it that the wrong track plays back?
why’d she dig her own grave, she knew better than that?
i guess cute chicks in the slasher flicks can’t hear the violin music, or the death it predicts
“Don’t go down there!” crys the crowd, and when the killer creeps up, they screeeam out loud! It had to go down, we could all tell by the violin’s sound

she forgot to check the rear view for a clear view of the killer’s face that night,
and the director made the film scorer use strings to enhance the horror
something just haaad to go down, we could all tell by the violin’s sound
couldn’t we?

i been known to roll the dice on the 13th night,
it ain’t nothin’ nice but I got’s to live life
so once on a Friday, without no plans, I picked up the phone, rolled the bones and called my man:
bad luck luke, tarot deck in his hand, told me ill winds blew, all across the land
he I knew he knew what he was talking about
but still I told him “shut ya mouth, man, we goin out!”
i swooped him up at the 11th hour, he had a bag a raw meat, he was a tower of power
told’m “the game is thick, let’s get to the club quick, the ladies got to love us with our style so slick!”
but big plans gave way to hopes gone wrong
we stepped into the club and requested a song
set our drinks down, hit the dance floor, cut the rug
when two large ladies spiked our drinks with drugs!
me thinks we made love, woke up in a body glove
those angels snatched our keys and drove to heaven above
didn’t have to happen, ‘cept

we forgot to put the club up upon the steerin wheel, before we stepped into the club,
and we requested the dj to play another one bites the dust
sum’n just haaad to go wrong, but we just haaaad to hear that song
didn’t we?

i knew a lady, who came from deluth
she caught space waves through a gap in her tooth
one day, she caught a bug in her pants, and left town
nobody knows where, she ain’t been found
she rode a moped given by her late mom
the gas tank was small and the roads were long
she longed to be gone, let bygones be bygones
but sum’n her spine was askew, she felt wrong
so she stopped into the home of the crone who read palms
who sat and rolled a doobie in a page of the psalms
and said “chiiild take a puff, suck it deep in your brain,
your weather forecast is a long hard rain,
many trials, I prophesize, will pass before your eyes,
but for your ob-stackles you’ll be granted a prize, beyond size
beyond fact, fiction or lies
in the cradle of your hand is where your future lies
stitched with suture ties, time flies
i know not why you must die
so please, before you leave, a last word of advice:
beware the juke joint jumpin deep in the night
the jockie holds a disc you don’t wanna request
you dance to that song, you dance to your death.”
and we all know what comes next

she forgot to take the keys out of her moped, before she stepped into the shed
and she requested the dj to play a song by the Grateful Dead
the air was heavy like lead
out of the speaker cones “Cassidy” bled
didn’t it?
Track Name: James Brown
where were you? When the witch docta first shock’d ya?,
and set you free from the sex machine, and bought you a brand new bag?
“were you there? can you tell a story to me?
cast like a bronze-age oral history?” (peoples)
Maaan, I got a gold record deep in my brain
To pay a homage to the name of the James

james brown died on Christmas day
gave back the wiccans what they owned anyways
talking bout the longest winter night
thinking bout the stringest shade of starlight
who triggered the death of the birth of the cool school
inspired and fertilized the birth of the bitches’ brew
miles caught him live at Newport and he knew
what he had to do with a chosen few

so where were you?
when the witch docta first shock’d ya?
and set you free from the sex machine,
and bought you a brand new bag?
hah, and set you free from the sex machine,
and tought you what you didn’t need to buy, ‘cause you already had
and gave you a brand new bag

wish I coulda seen’m, with my own two peepers
heard’m without the help of a screen or speakers
danced with the hot pants lady, maybe freaked her
sat behind the mixing board, maybe spiked the meters
‘cause man knew how to hurt a microphone with a shriek,
now he speaks from the grave through the records he made

wish I coulda seen’m put the vibe in the air,
out in Zaire, putta shock in don king’s hair
“seen the dancers jump higher than the highest ferris wheel at the biggest county fair
where you there?” (d.u.s.t.)
where you there?
can you tell a story to me?
cast like a bronze-age oral history?
maaan I gotta gold record deep in my brain,
to pay a homage to the name of the James

an old dog taught a new trick to me
a little bird chirped me a history
down by the bottom of the deep blue sea
waves repeat a mystery, blissfully blister me
with lessons of a time missed by me

cause my momma hadn’t made me yet
family tree hadn’t given it’s shade to me yet
I waited forever, to be born at this right time
and ever will I lie when it’s my time
the same fate awaits us, that befell James
so don’t forget to mention his naaaame
Track Name: Shout!
i must not smoke, I must stay young for years to come
i must not stress, That pain’s too harsh across my chest
i must not cheat, I must be true my girl’s so sweet
so what I’m gon to do? What I’m gon to do?

i’m gonna shout!
let it out!
let it go, let it go
tellin you just to let you know

i got nothing to hide
‘cept for the dreams that I dream at night
but somethin deep inside
makes it hard to be polite
i might be a rock but i ain’t no star,
if we can’t get paid, to be who we are
what do we got to do? What do we got to do?

we got to shout!
let it out!
in the street, in the street
down in the street that’s where we’ll meet

down there in the street
we got a right to assembly
but babylon picks the block
they set up gates and send pigs with mace
meanwhile, high above behind glass
they heat up he globe and fill the air with ash
so what do we got to do? tie a note to a brick: “put a stop to this shit!”

and Shout!
let it out!
let it go, let it go
tellin you just to let you know
Track Name: Shoutro!
'cept for the dreams that i dream at night 333