Ghost of Payphone

by Ancient Baby / PECK

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Recorded in a $100 dollar mansion, Ghost of Payphone is an elegy to the lost art of phone phreaking. Alternately wacky and grim, this album lives in the now, offers prophesies, and guards a few forgotten things.


released March 27, 2012

Produced by Tomas delToro Diaz and Chris Peck, written by Tdtd, CP, and Greg Scott 2. Recorded and mixed by Tomas.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ancient Baby / PECK San Rafael, California

PECK the town crier makes SONG RAP. His jams have been featured on, Current TV, and

On 3/28/12, he released his double ep:
"Home Phone/Ghost of Payphone" on vinyl & in download form.

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Track Name: Smashing
visualize the veins permeated with mist
tickle the mystical with a flick of the wrist
release druid fluid with a deep spinal twist
sage smoke blows from the vinyl of this

in ink wells we cast spells
sleeper swells from the opposite of hell with a story to tell
what is a freestyle, what is a pen?
what is love, what is hip, can i ask you again?
what is a freestlye, what is a verse?
a gift and a curse, graveyard and a curse


if every ant was an elephant
if every plant was a factory plant
if every olfactory scent came from that factory plant
imagine it, say that you can't

that is now, or will be soon
a dank wind blows from an ancient tomb
eat poor man's gruel with a silver spoon
regrow roots around a porcelain tooth
kurt vonnegut, laughing prophet of doom
shuffled off this coil not a second too soon


packed with masters, source of light
that's why i came to see my tribe tonight
in tongues we speak while we sleep
get high, while the roots dig deep 'neath our feet
bones made of stone, resonating vocal tones
doing it together even when we're all alone
packed with masters, source of light
that's why i came to see my tribe tonight

Track Name: Father Time
father time was a melting pot
put together by a texting plot
find his face on any clock
listen people, can you hear a ticking-tock?

10:10 is the handsomest pose for a clock
the walker wants to stop and listen to it talk
tickin truth, relentless, time flies
on a digi clock 11:11 is kinda nice
cause we're all one, the clock agress
mista masta grand daddy tick-tockin his degress
used to rock a wrist watch, now i tote a phone
along the way, seems i lost time for my own
matter's where we came from, info's where we go
starin at a square, watchin fountains flow?

father time was a melting pot
put together by a texting plot
find his face on any clock
listen people, can you hear a ticking-tock?

vote with my ducats for the culture protection
you live a living life, and i gotta respect
cause every block buster will be broke in due time
and back comes the story teller with a rhyme
rosetta stone rockin' on the tip of unity
i coined the phrase "of many one"
they quote me on money!
but i don't buy it, we try to make our own conclusions
they build a tower for powerful confusion
sell us a tower for powerful confusion?

such a handsome clock, tick-tocking
pendulum swinging, grand daddy

father time was a melting pot
put together by a texting plot
find his face on any clock
listen people, can you hear a ticking-tock?

today, i teach a talk about the power of NO
pick a couple places where you don't wanna go
you can be anything that you want, friends
but you can't be everything you want, friends
i mean to say you gotta stick to your guns
may the force be with i wish you all the rays of the sun
when the hurly burly's done, the battle's lost and won
the king and pawn go back into the bag where it begun
puzzle that: you can't take it with you when you die
pick a path and after that you try, try, try
i'ma sip from the source, follow bliss and hone my chris-ness
apart from these i'm on my knees burnin wishlists
took a page from jimi's book, burnin his guitar
gave a nod to darth vader on the death star
so can you feel me?
hey did you catch my drift?
rapid runnin swift, let the river rip my lips
Track Name: Kalimba
her name was kalimba and she broke my heart
she musta studied up her breakin, she was off the charts
lockin and poppin to the popular music
she could boogie by her self any way that she choose
didn't seem to give a care about attraction
focused on the funk, not no distractions
waitin on the sidelines, made up my mind:
"she's so fine, now's gotta be the time"

always remember, kalimba
had to get up, had to move on, she don't need no one
kalimba, i still remember

she had me over on a sunday afternoon
i had a coffee and she had a macaroon
knocked me out when she showed off her gemstones
talkin bout rose quartz, rappin like a metronome
& on her stereo she bumped Larry Graham
while she taught me how to do a headstand
afternoon turned to night, we hit the town
schooled me in the art of the surround sound boogiedown
too much for one day, out of my senses
you know the kind of love: no defenses
should of known she was wild, not the kind that you keep
but I remember Kalimba so sweet

you could be my bride, you could be the answer
Kalimba let your light shine, like no other dancer
bumpin like a soul star, watchin you glow
take you to the next bar, letting you know
you got the power! rock that body for hours!
at a time, you're a dime, you're always on my mind
but only in my mind, i take you on trips
different galaxies you spin me
always on my knees, beggin you to take me
take me by the soul, grippin every bone
too good to go, i'll never leave you alone

had to get up, had to move on, she don't need no one
Track Name: When We Kissed
stepped smooth off a bus, scarf around my neck
not unlike denzel washington
my baby waited for me up a couple flights
can't wait to get together make it hot again
the top lock creaked and the hinges creaked
her pretty lined lashes fluttered flirty things

& when we kissed, she kissed like this

she asked me in and she flashed a grin
heated up some milk her cat is back again
i would have purred, but i'm just a man
she pointed at some paintings and she took my hand
and not one who misses opportunities
when i looked away she layed a kiss on me!

when i'm on the corner i am unrestrained
i'm speaking of 16th & mission
my baby doesn't follow me, but when i go
it's her i'm thinking, writing, rapping of

agony & ecstacy she's giving me
in and out of the sack it's hard work
but then a little voice comes from deep within
"fool, she's the one & you're a jerk"
the mojo that we work is nothing typical
old ladies stop & tell me lovely lines:
"sorry, i was over there watching you.
you should stick together till the end of time."
my baby turns to me & says i told you so,
& lays a kiss upon these lips of mine

&when we kissed, she kissed like this

options are the death and life of us
it feels good to be sure of something, don't it?
life's another word for time, so make up your mind
pick a light, set your sights and let it shine
& after that, who can say how high you'll climb?
you can tell'm "scuse me while I kiss the sky"
Track Name: Youth International Party Line
wayyy back!
when the ear was king
you could stick it to the man with a toll free ring
high E above middle C was the trick
dial tone tips for the hip
phooone trips!
greasy freaks did make
sometimes puttin it on reels of tape
if you made a new method you could have a nick name
and the feds couldn't find you for your fame
allllll the trouble started with the joy bubbles
captain crunch blew the whistle and the tribe doubled
esquire magazine made an expose
and what'd every channel on the switchboard say?

party people takin trips, never payin a dime
phone phreaks tradin tips on a rhythm and pitch

frayyyyed wires!
what's left behind
hangin off a payphone, pay it no mind
still i hear a ringin though i know it be a ghost
bells crackin coast to coast
tollll free!
that's the way it had to be
wise to the jive of the obsolete
now we look at screens, what a fashion
lookout! my rap's a hammer, lemme smash'm!

party people takin trips, never payin a dime
phreaks on the sneak, little too much spare time

two young men got jacked
for everything they had
said "we gotta make a move to the cathode tube, because the blue box hustle is all bad"
with solder gun and wood
they made their prototype
filled a billion rooms with an eerie white glow
now nobody's sleepin right
flaaaash forward! now the rebel is king
bite out of an apple and he's into everything
music, he uses it
talent, he chooses it
his last shred of street cred, he's losin it
but i'ma let go and learn as the world turns
the ashes of an old hack births new birds
so whether idealist or maybe realist
close your eyes, and time to time you can feel this
Track Name: The Myth of Mystikal (bonus track)
the cyclops hopped out of the cyclone & he groaned
seems his lady landlord kicked him out of his home
the bean stalk crops he talked of climbing to the sky
couldn't seem to change his lady's mind

he squashed a hawk with his thumb
held his belly looking dumb
used both his ears, hearing stereo